Grow with Inner Life Integration

Live Your Best Life

Imagine carving out, one step at a time, an inner life that breeds authenticity, courage, and meaning. 

And you don't need to remove or polish anything over inside to get there.  Far from it!  Imagine cultivating a new relationship with yourself, that intimately knows and honors you.  But there's an inner battle.  I know this battle well.  I know what it's like to grow up and function in adult life, putting more value on how others perceive you than yourself, and compulsively accommodating to the comfort zones of others even if it suffocates your soul.

I know what it's like to be in that raw and vulnerable space.  Some call this a spiritual breakdown, others call it a spiritual breakthrough - I say it's both. 

I'm no stranger to the human plight.  I have found that having an intensive yet gentle, one-on-one, equaled walking companion who can hold safe space for ALL of me to arise, is indispensable and rare.  Someone cannot hold this space if they have not received this from themselves and others.  I've been so privileged to receive this kind of powerful exchange, from a growing soul tribe of beautiful souls who have let me in and I've let in, to share this vulnerable yet powerful, safe space.  And, I want to give this to others.  

It's a beautiful journey worth taking.  Risking the most vulnerable act; being seen and coming out of hiding, is an incredibly courageous process, and I hold this with high honor and responsibility to guard this space with you.  I don't take lightly what I'm entrusted with, yet I do find laughter to be a healing part of this process, when trust has been established.  

I will be available and engaging with you in communication ,one step at a time through my unique coaching concept of close,  one-on-one coaching.  This intensive (but gentle) approach of coaching goes beyond the coaching session, and travels with you into your life.  I acknowledge that so much of life happens outside of that session, and processing life outside of scheduled session is where I want to support you as well.

I only take on a very small client base, so I can devote my energy into this intense level of engagement for those who want the intensive traveling coach.  I also have limited availability for those who want to start off with less intensity, and only do scheduled coaching sessions.  I will meet you where you're at!

Image by Patrick Fore