Whose Shit Is This?

Is it mine?

Or is it your?

Long entangled strings from old baggage seem to follow, like a shadow

The longer you’ve traveled this earth, the more you collect.

In it can be treasures or and, rotten waste.

Open up your baggage! Its damn flowing train is getting too long! It’s now a tripping hazard for you and for me!

I wish it were as easy as the Baggage Claim at the airport Travelers recognize their own or can check the name tag But this baggage isn’t so easily claimed! It’s mistakenly claimed as mine when it’s really yours!

Back and forth the disclaimed and misclaimed baggage gets tossed between us Like a hot potato Scorched are the hands who hold on too long

Not all of this will burn

There are unclaimed treasures inside too There’s been a spill from the unfinished business of your past It has contaminated everything

When you indiscriminately throw away your past, it comes back Boomerang Give and it will be given back? Karmic energy?

Reclaim the abandoned energy within and between you This will be a joint success, a joint failure, or a joint holding pattern; awaiting clearance You cannot abandon this energy force, without consequence

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

I repeat...

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

So… Whose shit is this? It’s ours

Your past, my past Your beliefs, my beliefs Your experiences, my experiences Your pain, my pain Your dreams, my dreams Your grief, my grief Your fears, my fears Your victories, my victories Your strengths, my strengths Your weaknesses, my weaknesses

It all goes into one bag Like different threads, weaved into a tapestry

Joint ownership

Joint consequences

Joint time limit.

One bag One tapestry Many threads Our threads

We work to carry it together and move on Or we toss it back and forth together And, remain firmly stuck in a holding pattern; awaiting clearance… Someday...

Who knows when?

Meanwhile, time passes by Time – non-renewable resource Time. No returns, refunds, or exchanges

Whose shit is this? Ours Whose treasure is this? Ours

*This is a poem about coupleshit coupleship.

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